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Introducing Patch

Today, we'll be talking about Patch, the environment that will eventually replace WeScheme for the tens of thousands of students and teachers worldwide. Patch is the result of years of development work, and offers more speed, stability, and features than WeScheme. You can play with it right now, and try copying-and-pasting your WeScheme programs into it. We often tell people "it's not about the software", and we mean it. But it would be wrong to say that software doesn't matter, so for just this moment we're going to talk about WeScheme's origins, why we need a new IDE, and how we're using the lessons of the last 7 years to guide us.

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Posted January 17th, 2017

Introducing Bootstrap:2

The Bootstrap team is pleased to announce that Bootstrap:2 is officially out of beta, and the latest edition of the curriculum has been released! If you're a math teacher who has taught Bootstrap:1, Bootstrap:2 lets you use your experience and expertise to teach a rigorous CS class while preserving the math you care about. If you're a CS teacher who wants to use the Bootstrap approach to introduce AP-level concepts, or an educator who's had success with Bootstrap, Bootstrap:2 lets you and your students build on what you know, without having to throw everything out and start over.

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Posted January 12th, 2017

Accessibility (Part 1): Getting Started

Today, we're announcing a beta release of WeScheme that adds full compatibility with screen readers. Fire up NVDA or JAWS and try it now!

When we say "Bootstrap is for all students", we mean it. Any time CS is required - whether in the form of a mandatory course or when integrated into a required math class - the bar for software accessibility becomes much higher. We take our goals seriously, and that's why we've begun a significant overhaul of our software to make it accessible to students with disabilities. To be clear: this is a journey we have only begun, and there is a lot more work to be done before Bootstrap is fully-accessible to all students! In this blog post (and the ones to follow), We'll share some of our efforts thus far, the problems we've faced, and the approaches we've taken to addressing them. We'll also highlight some of the challenges that we're still working on, in the hopes that others will find them helpful.

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Posted January 5th, 2017