Teacher Resources

  • Workbook Solutions [odt | pdf] - completed exercises for the entire Student Workbook.

  • Teacher Game: An example game to accompany the Workbook Solutions

  • Sample Games: Examples of what can be made with the Bootstrap 2 material

      Driving Game [DrRacket | WeScheme] This game uses the scale function to give the appearance of 3D motion.

      Paddle Game [DrRacket | WeScheme] This is a two player game, which uses trigonometry to model the physics of balls bouncing off of walls at an angle.

  • Shortcuts to files used in the lessons

  • Support Forums [Announcements | Discussion] - Want to be kept up-to-date about Bootstrap events, workshops, and curricular changes? Want to ask a question or pose a lesson idea for other Bootstrap teachers? These forums are the place to do it.

  • Evaluation [Procedures | Pre-test | Post-test] - If you're participating in our research study: Download these files to obtain the instructions and consent forms, pre-test and post-test.