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How big of a factor is age in determining adoption time for cats?

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cats at the shelter

name, age, and weeks

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fun is-cat(r): r["species"] == "cat" end

lr-plot(filter(animals-table, is-cat)), "name", "age", "weeks")

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The slope is positive (0.23) and R=0.566, so there is a moderate, positive relationship

Is the relationship different for other animals?

This was a statistical question.

Write your Data Story below:

I performed a linear regression on a sample of cats at the shelter[dataset or subset] and found moderate, positivea weak / strong / moderate (R=…​), positive / negative correlation between age[x-axis] and time to adoption[y-axis]. I would predict that a 1 year[x-axis units] increase in age[x-axis] is associated with a .23 week[slope, y-units] increaseincrease / decrease in time to adoption[y-axis].

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