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Bootstrap:Reactive is out of Beta!

The Bootstrap team is pleased to announce that Bootstrap:Reactive is officially out of beta, and the
latest edition of the curriculum has been released!

If you're a math teacher who has taught Bootstrap:Algebra, Bootstrap:Reactive lets you use your experience and expertise to teach a rigorous CS class while preserving the math you care about. If you're a CS teacher who wants to use the Bootstrap approach to introduce AP-level concepts, or an educator who's had success with Bootstrap, Bootstrap:Reactive lets you and your students build on what you know, without having to throw everything out and start over.

Bootstrap:Reactive introduces students to: the same functional programming semantics you know and love from Bootstrap:1!

The concept of data structures and reactors taught in Bootstrap:Reactive opens up whole new avenues of CS exploration and application for students. As a result, the structure of the module is slightly different than Bootstrap:Algebra. After learning the necessary Pyret syntax and new concepts in 5 core units, students and teachers have multiple "features" available, which walk them through adding specific, often-requested features into their games or animations. Examples include a scoring system, multi-level games, and a full lesson on making your own version of Pong. Over the upcoming months, we plan to add even more features to Bootstrap:Reactive based on teacher feedback and student requests.

This newly-polished version of Bootstrap:Reactive would not have been possible if it weren't for the pioneering teachers who demoed the beta version of the module with their own students, and who have offered comments and suggestions along the way, including: Meg Clemens, Adam Newall, Jilian Reynolds, Leah Spotts, Melanie Wiscount, Jennifer Poole, and many more! The Bootstrap team is looking forward to training another group of teachers on this material starting at CSPdWeek 2017!

Posted January 12th, 2017