Bootstrap:Algebra applies mathematical concepts and rigorous programming principles to creating a simple videogame, and is aligned to National and State Standards for Mathematics, as well as the CSTA standards and K12CS frameworks. Students create a simple, 3-character game involving a player, a target and a danger. They design what each character looks like, and use algebraic concepts to detect collisions, handle keystrokes, and determine how they move and interact.

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Backed by Research

Bootstap:Algebra has been shown to improve student performance on standard, pencil-and-paper algebra tasks while engaging students of any gender in the act of building a game. See our peer-reviewed publications here:
  1. Assessing Bootstrap:Algebra Students on Scaffolded and Unscaffolded Word Problems, (SIGCSE, 2018)
  2. Creativity, Customization, and Ownership: Game Design in Bootstrap:Algebra, (SIGCSE, 2018)
  3. Transferring Skills at Solving Word Problems from Computing to Algebra Through Bootstrap, (SIGCSE, 2015)