Programming for every student.
Teaching Computer Science and Algebra.

What if a math class taught rigorous computer programming, using the concepts and content that are already in the book?

Bootstrap integrates math and computing education to enable equitable access to and success in both subjects for all students in grades 6-12. We design our curricula, pedagogy, and software in tandem to foster learning at depth and to ease adoption. Our high-quality professional development programs and classroom materials reflect our core belief in the value of teachers.

We work with schools, districts and tech-educational programs across the country, reaching hundreds of teachers and thousands of students each year. Bootstrap has been integrated into math and technology classes across the country, reaching tens of thousands of students since 2006. Most teachers have also attended a Bootstrap Workshop, where they received specialized training to deliver the class.

By working with mainstream math and computing teachers and aligning to national and state standards, Bootstrap is built to scale. Bootstrap has partnered with school, districts and organizations across the country to bring the curriculum to their students. And because every child takes math - no matter their gender, class, age or interest - Bootstrap reaches thousands of girls and underrepresented students each year.

Bootstrap is grateful to the National Science Foundation for their ongoing support for our research efforts, and we are proud to partner with CSNYC and CS4RI to bring our materials to New York City and the state of Rhode Island. Even has chosen to build their curriculum based on Bootstrap! (Interested in how's adaptation is different?)