Bootstrap is completely free, field-tested and research-validated, with a focus on deep exploration that supports and engages all kinds of learners. Our integrated computing modules have been proven to support math transfer and can be mixed and matched to supplement what you're already doing in your classroom.

All of our courses are aligned to National and State Standards - including NGSS, CCSS, CSTA, K12-CS, and more! We work hard to provide an "everything you need, all in one place" experience, offering Hour of Code activities and four curated pathways that come with a detailed student workbook, teacher materials, and an optional capstone project that ties the entire course together. You can also mix and match our materials by building your own pathway.

After Bootstrap, students are prepared to tackle several college-level textbooks, including one that bridges from Pyret to Python.

Build your Own Pathway

What do you want students to do? - Click to select the projects or lessons you want to bring to your students! When you select a project or lesson, it - and its prerequisites - will turn green.

What can you teach tomorrow? - If you haven't selected anything yet, the blue items can be taught with no prerequisites. As you select more lessons/projects, additional items will turn blue to indicate that they could be added without additional prerequisites.

Select as many projects or lessons as you'd like, to see what pathway you can build for your students!

Having taught LOADING Bootstrap lessons, you can immediately jump into LOADING other lessons!

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