Running a program that supports hundreds of teachers and tens of thousands of students requires continued development, trainings and live support, as well as evaluations of student learning outcomes.

If your organization would like to become a sponsor, contact us directly.

Your tax-deductible contribution helps bring Bootstrap to teachers and students around the world.

What will be the impact of my contribution?

Fund a Student
A $20 donation provides materials, software, and support for one Bootstrap student
Fund a Class
A $1,000 donation provides professional development and materials for one full-time teacher
Fund a District
A $25,000 donation funds one Bootstrap Workshop in the United States, including software and materials for dozens of teachers and thousands of students.

To make a tax-deductible donation:

As an employee of a company that matches through Benevity

  1. Go to, and log in.
  2. Search for "Brown University Bootstrap Project", and donate.

As an individual

  1. Go to Brown University's donation page, and select "Search for a Fund".
  2. Type "Bootstrap" into the resulting text box, and click "Search". NOTE: This will return no results, since we are a part of the Computer Science Department!
  3. Where it says "Please write in the fund you'd like to support", type "Computer Science - Bootstrap" into the resulting text box, and click "Select". This is the only way to make sure your donation goes to Bootstrap!
  4. Continue on to enter your contact and payment information.

Once your payment is processed, you will receive a receipt from Brown University for your tax records.

Use paypal to give a (non-deductible) gift...

Get Involved

Looking to do more than donate? There are lots of ways to support Bootstrap! We work with engineers, companies, foundations, and colleges to build community and support the great work that Bootstrap teachers are doing around the world.

Hack for a Cause

If you're an engineer who's looking to do some coding for a good cause, we'd love your help! Our software stack uses a mix of Javascript and Pyret under the hood, with hooks to numerous Google APIs for everything from user authentication to session management, and from file storage to AI image description. If you'd like to pitch in hack on our codebase, you can find plenty of projects ranging from small bug-fixes to major new functionality in our IDE or language. Contact us to get started.

Certain Google employees can also donate API quotas to Bootstrap, allowing us to continue using Google services while spending more of our dollars training teachers and improving our curriculum. For more information, contact us.

Host an Event

Want to get more local visibility for your business, foundation or college? Hosting a Bootstrap event is a terrific way to bring teachers, students and parents to your institution, and to develop ties with the community. Bloomberg, eBay, Google, Facebook, and Brown University are just a few of organizations that have hosted Bootstrap professional development sessions, student fairs, panel discussions and community presentations. If your organization would like to host an event with Bootstrap, contact us.